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Christian Smith

Licensee Salesperson

The beauty of a property is the myriad ways it can be loved and reimagined. You never know what someone else will see in it, what hopes they’ll have for it, or why they simply have to have it. It is my pleasure to present those possibilities to a myriad of buyers.

To achieve this my focus is hands-on marketing; ensuring that every potential customer builds a relationship with your property. 

I am lucky to have been born and raised in Karori, and to be part of the Wellington College and Victoria University alumni. This has allowed me to develop an adept understanding of the Wellington market, and to build relationships throughout the city. My core-focus is Karori and the surrounding western suburbs, but ultimately this is about you and your property, wherever that may be. 

Above all, the purchase or sale of property demands an attentive approach to the unique requirements of every buyer or seller. What are yours?

With a crystal clear understanding of your needs, our objective, and how we are going to achieve that, we can navigate what may appear to be a complicated journey with ease.